About Me


Dana Winrow PT, CLT-LANA   (Certified Lymphedema Therapist-Lymphedema Association of North America)

Dana Winrow has over a decade of experience working with oncology patients and oncology teams. She has initiated pre surgery education protocols and post-surgery physical therapy treatments for patients undergoing breast cancer treatment. Dana has helped patients with pain, fatigue and range of motion restrictions return to their functional activities. She has helped patients return to functional as soon as medically advisable, as well as patients that have been suffering from pain and discomfort for many years.

Dana has over 20 years of clinical practice with experience including: neurological conditions, balance retraining, post-surgical care, wound care, oncology and sensory issues.  Dana continues to work with oncology teams, wound care centers, home health nurses, and physicians.

Dana is a certified lymphedema therapist and has been working in the lymphedema field for over 14 years. Dana is trained in Vodder techniques and Complete Decongestive Therapy. She has completed Certified Lymphedema Therapist (CLT) training and has received Lymphedema Association of North America Certifications. Dana attended the last 3 National Lymphedema Network Conferences and has completed extensive continuing education. She is up to date on all compression materials in the lymphedema field. She has helped many women with breast cancer pre and post-surgery, chemotherapy, radiation, and reconstruction. Dana has also helped individuals with swelling in their chest, abdomen, legs, head, neck and genitals. Dana empowers people to return to their functional activities and be as comfortable as possible during all stages of life.

Dana has family and friends affected by cancer and is highly motivated and invested in helping each patient meet their goals and take control of their life.